Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok its been a while since i have had anything at all to say on this blog. Call it a mental block or laziness I don't really care as bugger all people look at this thing anyway.

What I am writing about this evening is the matter of smoking in Ireland.

I am a great believer in freedom of choice whether that be the right to choose to smoke, drink, eat fatty foods or the more important choices like who to put in positions of power, who to bank with, where to head in your career.

I have felt left with little choice in the matter of smoking. Today it was announced that the sale of ten packs of cigarettes is to be banned and that we are to expect a hike in the cost of 20 packs with the next budget. There have been complaints that there have been no price increases in the past three years. Bollox. Either these people are living in lala land or I have been transported to a different dimension......

Firstly there have been consistent increases in the cost of smoking, A 20 pack now sits on €6.35 which is pretty steep in comparison to some of our neighbours. Each time they increase the price people keep buying...Why? Because they choose to. If it means cutting down on the amount of chocolate you buy fair enough.

But consistent increases in price is not the only thing they have done. They introduced the smoking ban. Personally it does not bother me but it is still the government stopping people from making a choice. If it had been left at a division between smoking pubs and non smoking pubs both would have done as well as the other. I have no problem sitting for a while in a non smoking area and my non smoking freinds would have no problem sitting for a time in a smoking area. So instead they have changed the feel of the Irish pub. Now its the stink of toilets, puke and sour beer that permeates around the pub instead of the smoky haziness that was part and parcel of a night out. This ban has also affected peoples ability to carry out full conversations! Half way through chats you now have individuals invariably walking outside to have a puff of a fag. This has lead to a new kind of "Outside the front of the pub" smoking culture. Why did we not fight this ban, because we are to bloody lazy and too bloody laid back for our own good.

So now we have to deal with what we have and make the best of it. I would like to thank the HUGE number of pubs that have introduced special smoking areas, they are heated, spacious and comfortable areas where large groups can sit and pretend that they are inside. Secondly I would like to thank the internet for introducing people to the delights of buying cigarettes online. I myself would of course never go down that road but thankfully I like to travel and so can keep my own stocks up. Instead of increasing prices why don't the government look at introducing cheaper aids for people to give up. Like your nicotine gum and patches etc, they cost a bloody fortune!

Never say that I can not see the good in things. I believe that banning the sale of 10 packs of cigarettes will act as an excellent detterent to the young people out there who are starting to smoke and feeling the pressure of having to smoke. Its a fecking disgusting habit. However please leave those of us without the inclination or will power alone and stop making life difficult for us, if anything reach out a helping hand and spend some of our tax money on eradicating the addiction as opposed to the item that led to it.


Szlampy said...

Free country or Term of Dictatorship? I really really hate our countries mate. We're part of Modern europe and we're supposed to be a Free nation and a role model of democracy, yet laws are placed on us that always inhibit the freedom of people, and it's not the laws that bother me, it's the way they are implemented.

Seriously we have the technology (internet, mobile phones, biometrics, cryptography, etc.) now-a-days to implement a 'True Democratic System' ... I mean who actually decided that smoking shouldn't be allowed in pubs? Was it voted on by the people who actually patronise the individual establishments? I would bet a small fortune that is was not. Did each pub have it's own rules decided for it to best benefit the individuals that go there? No.

It's all f--k'd up and why? Because those really in control don't want to lose it. The only freedom of choice we truly have is whether to vote for Punch or for Judy... this isn't Freedom! It's a fully-carpteted, centrally-heated, double-glazed version of slavery with a satellite mind-control device and several weeks a year of liberation in sunnier climes for those really lucky people designed for the new millenium.

I don't know about you mate, but I think it's nearly time for a change, don't you, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same old story? The puppet-masters must have the curtain pulled back, and then we, the audience, should be given the option of voting for the crocodile if we so choose, in fact we should be able to choose our own ending, shouldn't we? (After all, what's a puppet show without an audience?)

Are you feeling lucky? said...

Hmm... so what happened on the 28th November? Your fingers dropped off?