Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Being a lazy fecker....

So firstly I must apologise for not putting anything up here for a couple of weeks. It was not an intentional thing I was just a lazy fecker.

Now in fairness the reason I have been a lazy fecker where the Internet is concerned is because I have been very sociable lately. I am not sure what has happened but since making my move in job and home things have been going great for me. Lots of partying and meeting new people etc etc.

Now this however is no excuse to stop or get lax in doing something that I enjoy so I am going to try to be more demanding of myself when it comes to my blogging.

Something to highlight my laziness in the area of blogging is the photograph above. I was holding my camera and accidentally took a shot of my hand. This annoyed me and I could not think of anything to shoot so I used it.

Now the rant part......

I love going out and having a few drinks with friends as do a huge number of people in the world. The thing that really pisses me off is the morning after.....

I am not talking about a binge session where there is vodka and redbull coming out of your arsehole because it has burned through every organ in your body. I am talking about the four or five pints in the pub and home in bed by 1am. It doesn't matter what I try. From a banana before I sleep (For the potassium) or drinking three pints of water before sleep. You are still never at 100% capability in work the next day. Now I have, until recently, used the old not drinking before working the next day thing but that was affecting my social life badly and I was becoming a recluse. So with all the technology about today why cant our scientists work on a way to get people pissed and for it to have no ill effect the next day......

Now I don't want people commenting about those stupid remedies in the chemists, they are a load of bollox. I am talking about an ingredient in beer that will stop dehydration and still give the same effect as before. Imagine how much better our lives would be!!! Fair enough we may all have liver problems but sure who wants to live till they don't know whats going on anyway.

On another note, I would be grateful if anyone reading this could check out my brothers site and in particular his piece about Madeleine Mc Cann. It is a truly frightening story and one where we can all help create a happy ending.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Voting time again.........*Yawn*

Ok first things first. You may notice the lack of a picture with this post and there is a reason for this.

There are about a million pictures and posters plastered all over the feckin place at the moment and I have had enough of them.

So its election time again and we get to look at our local candidates smiling down at us where ever we go. Will you ever feck off. Out they come looking for our votes all these faces who nobody knows. From one end of the year to the next we hear nothing, see nothing about these people unless they happen to have shagged some prostitute or been given some Bertie envelopes under the table. How dare they.

Successive Irish governments have fucked us over and they think smiley pictures will get them the vote. "We promise to do...." that's what we are hearing now, and always these empty promises end up on a piece of paper littering the Taoiseachs floor. So what the hell do I do??

Do I use my given right to try and select a good candidate for my constituency? Do I read through all the crap that's coming in through my letter box? Do I go out in the middle of the night and deface all the posters on my street?

Well for this election I have decided to abstain from voting because frankly I could not give a shit anymore. Whoever comes into power will ultimately fuck us all up anyway so I might as well save myself an afternoon.

If I do happen to go out to vote I will be voting for the following...

Victor, my drunken Lithuanian housemate. He would soon sort out the bullshit in Irish politics.