Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Move is done...Thanks be to Christ

So its done.........

I really hate moving. It's a pain in the arse. If I never have to move again I will die a happy man. Moving has gone up on my list of things I hate to do....

Well I have given up life in the fast lane (Thomas Street). Haha, and am now back in suburbia! What a difference. Today I heard an actual bird singing. Not a scaggy bird yelling "Get back in your feckin buggy before I kill ya". The air is fresher and I have a garden. You have no idea how weird that feels after living in a 1 bed apartment in the City Centre for 4 years.

Now I have been down on my luck for the past while so I reckoned there must be something on the way to balance things out for me a bit. Well on Friday I started lugging all my crap over to Dundrum and got a phone call from my regional manager. Now at the time I was working out in Blanchardstown so it was a fair distance but worth it for some easier living. Anyway she tells me she is making some personnel changes and asked me if I would look after the department in Dundrum.......

I nearly fell over. Sometimes things just work out perfectly. So now not only do I have a nicer living environment but my work environment is better due to the fact that I can walk to work in 15mins.

Sometimes life throws you a straight ball instead of a curve (whoa baseball talk....I don't even know how to play).

Sorry for not posting one of my brilliant, masterful photos *cough*. But I still have to sort out my computer and stop using my mates.


Phil said...

what you mean you have no pictures of the new crib?

Oh and the hard part is not playing baseball (just hit the ball, can't be that hard), its trying to follow baseball. I tried, I failed - i still have a cap - go red sox!

dolly said...

Suburbia rules! (at least that is what i keep telling myself in order not to go crazy everyday) Good for you getting closer to work.
On bad (traffic) days I spend 1,5 hrs one way to get to the office.
So after 14 years out here I'm dying to move back into the city.

I still think you should have taken up on the offer of us helping you move. It might not have been very organized, and you most likely would not have had a clue on where all your stuff were put - but it would have been a laugh!

Dave Williams said...

Phil-Baseball is like cricket to me. Hitting the ball is fine its the rules I just dont get. I have a pair of red socks too. I love em ;)

Dolly-Dont move!! I wanna see your sauna some time!! Can you imagine what it would have been like with you guys helping me to move. I would have ended up committing mass murder.Would have been fun though.

oyvind said...

Grats on the move Dave sounds great. I originally moved to the area I live now to get close to work, it was literaly next door. Now I've changed jobs but its still just 20 minutes on the bus.

Btw - I just unpacked the last boxes from the hallway today, nearly 4 months after Anna and I moved in to the new flat :-o lol

Sandy said...

Four years in the city centre.. Pah! I don't think i could ever do that. I like the country i do. \i find it even too crowded in the lovely estate i live in. Wouldn't it be nice to have an acre or two of land surrounding your lodgings.

Tis good to hear things are looking up and lifes getting better, tis a feicer when its not.