Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Friday the 13th rant.......hehe

So thankfully I got the day off for Friday the 13th. I am not superstitious but sure I felt better knowing that if any shit hit the fan work wise I was well out of the picture. So I woke up nice and early and feeling pretty good. No cataclysmic events had happened during my sleep so the world was still there and was not full of nuclear fallout or the walking dead.

In fact it was a smashing day! The sun shining, birds talking their normal crap and I hadn't slept till four in the afternoon. My mum was up minding my little god daughter down in the brothers house in Bray so I had arranged to go over and see the two of them as I don't get to see my mum as much as I would like. So I had a cup of wake up juice and headed over. It was a lovely drive with none of the normal bullshit involved. No traffic jams or diversions just a nice easy drive.

I arrived to Bray and the sun was still splitting the sky, so with a hop in my step I went in to say hello to mum.

"Your fathers just been in an accident."

EDIT: Mum just read the post.....She actually said "Hi" first. Sorry mum :).

Lovely. So I quickly lost the hop and smile and felt my chest constrict with fear. Sweat immediately beaded on my forehead and I felt a bit shaky on my feet. All in the space of about a second.

"He's ok. He just rang and said he was out of the car"

Hmmm. Ok, well he can talk and obviously move so he is not dead. That made me feel better. So I asked mum what had happened.

This is where the fear left and the anger hit in with such force that I was nearly compelled to drive to Carlow.

So it happened like this. My dad is a driving instructor, and a very good one at that. He has a very high pass rate and both myself, my little sister and even my little brother passed our tests first time ;) (hehe, sorry Al). Dad was parked on the hard shoulder, on a straight with a pupil. It is part of instructing where the pupil learns to drive on faster roads etc. Next of all some feckin gobsheen hits him from behind at about 100kph, on the hard shoulder, and spins my dads car 360 degrees. So the ambulance is called, the police arrive etc etc. Now thankfully my dad and his pupil were not hurt and for that I am obviously truly thankful. I believe the gobsheen is fine too, whatever.

So it is a pretty clear cut case. My dad was parked with hazards on and handbrake on, on the hard shoulder and a twat hits his car from behind. This is recorded by the police etc. The guy should be put off the road end of story.

Next thing I know its Monday and mum rings me.

"The guy is saying that your father was pulling out from the hard shoulder and that it is not his fault"

FUCK SAKE!!! The evidence is all there, from the garda report to where the damage is on the car, to the fact that the handbrake was on, to the pupil as a witness. The guy is chancing his fucking arm. What a dick, he fucked up and should just stand up and take his fucking medicine. So now of course assessors are needed etc etc. Thankfully dad is not going to let this lie and will go all the way to the courts if necessary. Good on you dad!!

Whats wrong with the world that people do not or will not take responsibility for their actions. Is there no such thing as common decency, honesty or integrity anymore?? It makes me feel ashamed to exist in this era of law suits, claims etc. Fraudulent fuckers everywhere. TV advertising is a major cause with all these stupid ads about "No win, No fee!!" Seriously the world is a hard enough place to live in. If people do not take responsibility for their actions we will end up in a world of chaos.

The picture is one I took while dangerous driving.........I was on the motorway and had the camera in my hand and hit the button. I reckoned the shaky effect was kind of apt for this post. I changed the levels quite a lot to make it look a bit more severe and cropped it to just show the dials. Other than that I did feck all. Dolly will probably comment on the fact that it is not in focus.......hmmmmmmm. So I promise I will not post another rant for a while. I just felt that this story deserved one.


dolly said...

Breath in... (hold)

Breath out... (hold)

Breath in... (hold)

- Now, doesn't that take some of the steam off?
- No?
- Well, it doesn't do much for me either tbh.

I feel awful laughing when reading this entry, as I am *truly* sorry for the accident, but MAN are you an angry person?!
(Makes me feel like the bleakast person alive.) But hey, I'm all for it - kill em all and GO dad!!!

And like the pic as it is all out of focus.

Sandy said...

There's nothing like a good rant to get everything of your chest.

Let's hope that nothing comes of that stupid man's false statement. Your dad has all the prove leading to the facts of the accident. So i hope he'll be ok.

Thank god nothing worse came out of the accident,