Thursday, May 03, 2007

Voting time again.........*Yawn*

Ok first things first. You may notice the lack of a picture with this post and there is a reason for this.

There are about a million pictures and posters plastered all over the feckin place at the moment and I have had enough of them.

So its election time again and we get to look at our local candidates smiling down at us where ever we go. Will you ever feck off. Out they come looking for our votes all these faces who nobody knows. From one end of the year to the next we hear nothing, see nothing about these people unless they happen to have shagged some prostitute or been given some Bertie envelopes under the table. How dare they.

Successive Irish governments have fucked us over and they think smiley pictures will get them the vote. "We promise to do...." that's what we are hearing now, and always these empty promises end up on a piece of paper littering the Taoiseachs floor. So what the hell do I do??

Do I use my given right to try and select a good candidate for my constituency? Do I read through all the crap that's coming in through my letter box? Do I go out in the middle of the night and deface all the posters on my street?

Well for this election I have decided to abstain from voting because frankly I could not give a shit anymore. Whoever comes into power will ultimately fuck us all up anyway so I might as well save myself an afternoon.

If I do happen to go out to vote I will be voting for the following...

Victor, my drunken Lithuanian housemate. He would soon sort out the bullshit in Irish politics.


dolly said...

Right. OK. Hmm... Well, go for the Lithuanian then, but consider voting anyway.

To me the saddest thing about all of this is that so many of us get sick every time the darned posters are put up. We curse (silently) everytime some fool tries handing over some glossy prints with information of their wonderful candidate or party. We have no problem ridiculing what ever promise the candidates make (as we know from experience they will not happen).

But, there is a but: WE ALLOW THIS!

Year after year, we do nothing or very little to change what we do not like. And by not voting at all, I'd say we surrender completely.

aileen said...

go dolly go they dont even bother to call to us up the hill there are too few of us and the road is so bad they might damage their carsand at night they might be scared as there s no lighting

Sandy said...

Okay so i thought i had already left a reply to this post, but i musn't have completed it properyl or whatever.
It was about the voting malarky and how i agreed with Dolly. I'm going to vote, i think, i jsut haven't decided who yet, i'm still in the maling up my mind business.

Anyway are having a photo meet on the 26th i think, a Satuday and Sunday anyway if you fancy coming along. Irelands Eye is the venue for the Saturday.

Kt (lil sis) said...

Hey i totally agree dave. its so annoying when they coming crawling to your door. most of the time they want to drop the leaflet and run. what really gets to me is that its "Canvassors" not the candidate themselves.they have no ides about politics not that i do but come on they cant even tell you their main policies!!! its all bollox! i asked one woman where is ???? himself. she said you can see him in his office. i said "no" he can come see me if he wants a vote. another person went to our neighbour(who works in dept of environment) god love them they hadnt a hope a resorted to saying to his wife "i bought shoes from you the other day, so vote for my husband" who of course was not there!anyway sorry for the rant(you're rubbing off on me) if you really dont know who to vote for the best thing to do is go in and spoil your vote! that way if everyone who's not bothered does that they can see how many people dont give a shit they might cop on and get their acts together instead of these stupid smear campaigns that are going on!

dolly said...

I'm amazed! You guys gets visits by the morons? Wow.

I think the Swedish politicians (what ever rank/grade they may have in the party) would be totally abused trying to gathered votes from Swedes, coming around knocking on their private doors. Ah... I'd love to see them come around though. What a sight!

Sandy said...

Oh the shame, for all my talk that i would vote...i didn't. For shame!