Friday, October 20, 2006

Dublins well crafted infrastructure........ahem

Ok I was listening to the news the other day and was shocked to hear the following report......

Basically it was discussing the state of Dublins transport and build systems. We Irish know that Dublin is in a state with terrible congestion, no underground, bad one way systems etc. What really shocked me was that Dublins infrastructure is being used as a "How not to do something" report for other developing EU nations etc.

It really made me think about what my generation have to go through in Dublin right now. So we can deal with bad traffic and the longer working days because of this traffic. The biggest problem is the house buying market. The average cost of a house in Dublin is €468,273 euros. To break into the housing market you basically need 100% mortgages, help from all and sundry (family, freinds, the mob....)and an extremely long life span through which you can pay it all back...House prices have risen by approx 19% in the past five years. So why is this?? BECAUSE THERE IS NO BLOODY ROOM and we have yet to build up instead of out. Dublin is now spreading like a fungus and commuter areas are now cities and towns in mid north and south Ireland.

I for one am not a home owner and proud of it. I have no kids and dont really intend having any. Why the hell would I buy an over priced property only to be dead before it was paid off. Rents in Dublin have stayed on a level for a few years now and it is no longer the case where people got a mortgage because it worked out cheaper than renting.

Anyway I apologise from meandering away from the main point, which is that through countless errors of judgement by succesive Irish governments we are now as a people in deep shit, with only massive tax bills ahead of us to solve the mistakes of our past. Thats a damn shame.

On a happier note, I am proud to announce that I am the proud new owner of a microwave......less takeaways = more money saved for a massive mortgage.


Szlampy said...

But Dave, the Irish have always been used as an example on how not to do something, for just about everything.

Look at your road signs? Your smoking laws, your corporation taxes? I know why too...

You see it's like this. To get a big project sorted you need a bunch of money and a group of people to get together and organise things. In ireland, if you group a bunch of people together with a wad of cash what you get is a piss-up and a plan scribbled on the back of beermat. ;-)

Oh... by the way you don't need a microwave to save on take-aways... a kettle and a pot-noodle do the same job.

McAWilliams said...

once again you seem to have humour I, in 30 years never knew existed. Another great post about how the Irish in general feel with a great punchline at the end.

Btw Szlampy if it were not for our infamous piss ups half of Engerland would not be built LOL.

BTW again, Yep im just back from a piss up!!!! Apologies for my rant

Alan said...

if u r happy paying someone elses mortgage and happy paying alot of money on rent and know that you will never own ur own place then so be it.