Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Loss is a funny thing. Sometimes its a set of keys which is one of the most frustrating things in the world, the keys are generally where you thought they would be in the first place and thats what makes it so annoying.

Sometimes its a pet, and that brings around some terribly sad emotions and at the same time some beautiful memories and is nearly bitter sweet in its entirety.

However the worst kind of loss is the loss that is caused by your own stupidy. You create the situation and only when its too late do you realise what exactly it is that you have lost. Love is what I am talking about here. When this realisation takes hold it is the deepest kind of loss that can be felt, your chest is fit to burst and your concentration levels waver between you seeming to be an idiot and someone who is half asleep. When you try to counter this loss by trying to retreive it and get nowhere it is then that the fullest ache of true heartbreak hits home.

I would just like to say to anyone that is going through this that they should try to look ahead and try to remember all the joy and happiness that they once had. Apparentely there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I have not found it yet but hope to soon.

I am sorry for posting such a miserable post but maybe in its own way this post can help other people know that this happens to a lot of people at least once in thier lives and people do get through it, I have been told that when you get to the other side of the tunnel there is a huge party and everyone gets naked, pissed and has a mass orgy to send you on your way to new adventures and new happiness.


szlampy said...

A Chinese emporer sent 4 wise men to the corners of the world (The world was flat and square back then, and water ran off the edges.) to find the 4 most profound worlds in the whole world.

After a many decades the 4 wise men returned from their pilgrimages. Each with a word.

The first wiseman came back with the word 'This'. The emporer thought this was a very ordinary world and asked the wiseman to explain. The wise man explained that semantically 'this' refers to the 'now', what is happening right now, what you have right now, how you feel right now... he explained all the different meaning the word 'this' could have and the power of this ;-) simple word. The emporer, enlightened, was very impressed and excited to find out what the next words where.

The second wiseman had brought back the word 'too'. He explained that it means 'also' and felt a little embarresed after the first wiseman's explanation.

The third word brought back by the wiseman was the word 'shall' and we all knew that 'shall' explains the advent of what is to come, premise, what may happen, our hopes... in short the future.

Once again the emporer was astounded by the wiseman's word, and was glad his funding hadn't gone completely to waste.

The emporer tunred to the last wiseman and with a breathe the wiseman whispered 'pass'. The emporer look mystified, what did he mean? The mage explained that pass is like the mirror of shall, where as 'shall' portrays the future - 'pass' represents the passage of the future into the present and finally into the past.

These profiund words pleased the emporer and he asked the wisemen to arrange them into a phrase of enlightenment that can be used by people in any situation they experience.

As the wisemen wrote down the words and they naturally noticed the phrase 'this too shall pass'.

And as the emporer predicted it's a phrase that can be used whenever you want. If your feeling great it means that time will take that feeling and mak it history and new feeling will come into your life. If your feeling shit then the opposite will happen.

A sinusoidal wave of emoitions - C'est la vie! To remove the negative you can't have the positive. All waves are balanced...

One of your Irish mates once said 'Life is a Rollercoaster' didn't he? Well take the unhappyness out, you need to remove the happyiness, etc. and you end up with one flat ride.

Know this, if you're in a little dip right now, there's more than likely a little peak round the corner. If you've been in a big dip for a while then there's probably a rise on the horizon too...

Hope you like the little story mate, and well if you ever need some chill-out time, there's always room for you in Liverpool mate.

Anonymous said...

wise man say your both full of shit didn't have to travel world for that one.
p.s i'm back

Dave Williams said...

Welcome back anonymous, you have been sorely missed. I love you with every fiber of my being. xxx

Dave Williams said...

Szlampy, thanx for the comment, excellent stuff, appreciate it, hope to see it turn up elsewhere soon :)

John said...

Hmm im never invited to Liverpool anymore! great comment though.