Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The land of the fortune teller

Well its nearly Halloween and strange things are starting to happen in the work place.

The mornings are cold and damp, kids are back to school so traffic is busier, the evenings get dark before you finish work.

What has all this created??


Yes it's true this complex is spreading like a rash throughout Ireland as the winter approaches.

The following is an example:

"phone starts ringing"

Me: Hello?
Fortune Teller: Hello Dave? (in a sickly voice) It's me _______.
Me: Hello _______ what can I do for you this evening?
Fortune Teller: Well I don't think I will be in tomorrow because I am feeling really sick...
Me: _______. It is 7:00pm. 13hours before you are due into work. How do you know you will still be sick in 13hours?
Fortune Teller: (Dodges) Well you see its my stomach and my head, I don't know I just feel awful...
Me: When I was chatting to you about an hour ago you were absolutely fine. You sure its not bird flu? (Sarcasm)
Fortune Teller: I really dont know but yeah I felt fine earlier, it just came on me. You know?
Me: No not really, and I would be interested in seeing what came on you to make you feel so bad...
Fortune Teller: (Dodge) So anyway I don't think I'll be in tomorrow.
Me: Ok ________. Ring me in the morning and let me know how you are feeling.
Fortune Teller: Ok.
Me: By the way, can you tell me the lotto numbers for tomorrow night?


So there you have it......I wonder if I will receive a call in the morning from the Fortune Teller.

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Keith said...

An Orc, A Madman and an Irishman walk into Orgrimmar and ask the barman for 3 shots of tomorrow.

The barman looks at the 3 with a puzzled, yet knowledgeable, look in his eye.

He walks to the back of the bar... cracks open an old case containing bottles. Lifts one to inspect it, blowing dust of the label in the process. Walks back to bar and pours 3 shot glasses of the liquid contained in the bottle.

The 3 look at one another wearily before picking up the glasses, then rustle some bravado and slam them back.

The next thing they know they're standing out side the same bar they walked into the previous day...

But can you tell me who where the 3 strange men. But more importantly who was the barsteward and what was he serving?