Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ahhhhh family...........

Well it seems to be a generally accepted fact that professional photographers are always popping a few random family shots into their blogs. So what the hell!!! This is an old one of my little god daughter Rebecca.....Awwwww. She was wearing a Santa suit (because you can be cruel to children at that age) and it was her first Christmas. There was joy in the air as the sounds of gurgling and random baby farts permeated around the house. After so long with just us older family members she was the main focus of everyone.

Now as a professional photographer I obviously had my camera with me and set out to capture this precious moment. It was all set up. Baby on mum's lap, ripping the paper from her presents and no smoke in the room as we cant smoke around the baby (hmmm she should have been called pub).

And what happens! The "parents", wanting to have pictures to embarrass their daughter with later on in life, never wiped the poor things mouth. Good going, way to ruin the perfect picture. It looks like a damn boil for gods sake! But anyway, nobody said pictures had to be perfect. It is just an unwritten rule.

I took this picture while sitting down. Photoshopped it grey because everyone else does this the odd time. I was going to add a few touches to make Rebecca look like Satan instead of Santa but realised that it would mean I would not get fed by John and Paula when I call out to them anymore.

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