Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Spooky Candle.

Well I took this picture today because I have run out of old stuff to throw up here. Yes all of two pictures.......I lit a candle and put it on my seat so it would have a nice black background. I started snapping away trying to stop my hand from shaking after way too many coffees today.

Once I got them onto the PC I started going through them to see if any looked decent enough to put online. I have my professional photographer rep to look after you know. Imagine how startled I was when I reached the last picture!! There in the flame was an image! In no way shape or form something chucked into the flame through the use of photoshop! Wow!

So what did my camera see you might ask? Well I will let you work that out for yourselves.

There was cloud cover in my sitting room so the shot was made all the more difficult. I tried using the flash but it was too bright so had to wait for the cloud to disperse before snapping. As the pic was taken on my seat I had to use a hunker down position to get a straight on view. I had my camera set to no flash and a bit of zoom but not all the way. It was a lucky shot because it was soon after that it started raining.

On another note I just want to whinge about traffic in Dublin. Whinge. Feckin eejits all over the place with no idea how to drive. Pisses me right off spending an hour in the car for a 30min journey. "Oh maybe if I indicate this way, then that way, I will be quicker. Oops I made a mistake and am now stuck blocking 17000 cars, 2 buses and 1400 trucks". Tossers. I reckon if they retested everyone who has a full a license our traffic problems would be solved.....


Alan said...

the wick looks like the side profile of a man with his todger hanging out.
very nice pic great to see you back.

Anonymous said...

two bleedin months and thats all you could come up with ya faggot....faggotphotoblogger.
yis should be shot all a yis.
p.s i'm watchin ya......

Dave Williams said...

oh man its so good to have you back mr anonymous. These past couple of months have been hard without you..