Friday, March 09, 2007

So which one is mightier??

So its a question that has been asked throughout the ages. A question which requires hours of quiet contemplation. The answer is not an easy one to come by. It depends on the context of when the question is being asked. If we asked the question in medieval times we would have an obvious answer. The sword. But in today's society what is the correct answer?

I pondered this as I sat watching the beautiful Carol Vorderman attempt to inject humour into the mundanity that is Countdown. Ever since the demise of the fantastic Richard Whiteley it is just not the same. So anyway, looking at all the letters and numbers I was struck by how much one can do these days through the use of knowledge and intelligence. So in essence the answer for today's society would obviously be the pen.

However I then proceeded to bring this question down to its base level.

If some bugger comes running at me in a dark alley with a pen raised threateningly towards me, I would probably raise an eyebrow and ask him whats wrong. If the same bugger came running at me with a big pointy sword I would make a dark stain in my jeans and leg it.......

So realistically the answer is wholly dependant on the situation at hand.

Now I actually spent more than thirty seconds on this shot!! First it was hard to fit a teeny pen in a pic with a sword. Then the flash was again too bright. I pressed a little flower button on the camera that did something but I am not sure what. I then pressed another button that gave me an S and a lightning bolt that seemed to do the trick. Again I was in a hunker down position with the camera at a slight downward angle. Imagine if I had a real camera.......I would be so fecked. I of course photoshopped the picture but only a little bit. I cropped it and used a few auto level and auto contrast things that didn't really do much. I then used "save for web" instead of the normal save and it uploaded way faster. Thanx John!!

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Kt said...

mmmm! i agree with everything you say re sword and pen but what if you are in a dark alley and someone has a penalli pen!! now that would be scary seeing as they can pierce through aluminium cans!in that instance you have the sword and pen together.mmmm it gets more complicated the more i think about it.