Monday, March 05, 2007

Irish Blog Awards..... a surprisingly fun experience.

Wow! I was given the chance to go to the awards on Saturday night with my brother and his missus. His photoblog mcawilliams was nominated for the best photoblog along with some very stiff competition So as an extremely amateur blogger I was pretty unsure of what I would find at this event. Would it be full of really geeky people who would talk about stuff I had no idea about?? Would it be a very close knit community who would stare at newcomers and pull out banjos??

Well the answer in short is that it was neither of the above. It was a great night! Plenty of beer was drunk and the awards themselves were quick and fun with no poncing about involved. There was however some strange convoluted dance moves going on later in the evening......but the less said about this the better.

So what did I learn? Well I had no real idea just how much work these bloggers put into their sites. It really does put a person to shame when you think of the thought, time and effort involved. I am more the 30mins a month kinda blogger. Although it has made me revisit this site for the first time in ages. Special mention here for new sites discovered Fustar, Twenty Major and Iced coffee. Don't miss fustars Manky Toy Monday.

So I do intend to blog a bit more cos it is really good fun. But what can you expect? Well I have been thinking about it and I think having looked at a lot of photoblogs recently I would like to do something along those lines. Photographers have certain ways of describing things and talk a lot about light, angles, verticals, apertures etc etc etc. Well I know bugger all about that stuff so I will be posting pictures that I think are artistic..........I will use artistic speak and basically poke a bit of fun at photographers in general. Please believe me when I say I admire these guys a lot and am amazed at the kind of images they can produce, but hey, what's wrong with the common mans interpretations of the normal and bizarre. So in closing, I have to move house soon so will be away for a while but hope to come back with a bang soon.


McAWilliams said...

And about time too, glad to see the awards rejuvenated your spirit to get back into blogging again.

Sandy said...

Gee I've been feeling the same since attending the awards night. I mean i set up a blog in 2004 and didn't do anything with it really. mainly due to lack of confidence and my amazing ability to get as many typos into a sentence and then not bothering to proof read and spell check.

And about that dancing that was going on... let's hope the pictures aren't THAT bad.

Phil said...

Was nice to meet you - I look forward to you photoblog with a difference.